Following an Urban and Community Forestry grant award from the NYSDEC for $22,300, the Village of Attica has hired Nancy Haas an ISA certified arborist and owner of Larkin Tree Care to conduct a first-time complete inventory of its public trees. The inventory will allow the Village to assess the tree population to keep apprised of tree population changes, maintenance needs and risk issues. The Village will use the data from the Tree inventory and Management Plan to manage day to day operations and define long-term policies.

Nancy Haas and her team from Larkin Tree Care will walk our Village streets and parks beginning in September gathering important data such as location, species, size and signs of disease or infestation. In addition, Larkin Tree Care will identify planting spaces for up to 5% of the total number of trees inventoried.

After collecting the data, Larkin Tree Service will analyze results and release the raw data, a summary analysis, and a recommendation report to the Village of Attica in the form of a comprehensive management plan. The data will also be layered onto the Village’s current GIS database.